Friends and Colleagues . . .

Terese Weber


Ms. Weber frequently appears with established local and visiting artists and with larger ensembles from quartets to symphonies.


Artists such as Isabelle Ganz, Dave Zeger, Mary Ann Willis, Ema Armanious, Marc Garvin and Danny McKnight enjoy working and performing with Terese.


Ms. Weber can arrange for whatever instrumentation or number of players your event may require

Ken Medema, piano, composer, vocalist


Patrick Moore, cello, artistic director



Raul Edwards, baritone, salsa, artistic director


Danny McKnight, jazz guitar,


Mary Carol Warwick


Marc Garvin, classical guitar

Isabelle Ganz, mezzo, flute, artistic director


Lawrence Wheeler, viola

Dave Zeger, cello

Ruben Torres, piano, artistic director

Guido Lamell, violinist, conductor, artistic director Santa Monica Symphony

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