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Because most special events have particular or unique requirements, pricing is best determined after an initial discussion of the event. In general, a minimum rate for the first hour is charged which includes set-up and travel to and from for events within 20 miles. Travel beyond 20 miles is subject to additional travel and trip charges. Most services are estimated in full hour increments with second and additional hours set at a lower rate than the initial hour.


Rates for Weddings and more standardized services are set on standard per-service basis and include in-person planning meetings as required to make service decisions.


Rehearsals as required are charged at the First hour rate and for additional hours at the minimum hourly rate.


Solo and ensemble performances and concerts on stage or in other venues or home/chamber concert settings are negotiated individually according to the repertoire required, the length of the performance, and other circumstances unique to each performance event.



Overtime charges and rates apply whenever any event runs beyond the scheduled time.


Deposit and Payment terms:

A written contract and $100 non-refundable deposit are required to reserve a calendar date. Balances are due one week before the service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. A consultation to discuss details can be arranged at any time.



A written contract is required. The contract is designed to set out all the particulars of the event and service. The contract particulars serve as a handy planning checklist to make sure everything is covered before the event begins.


Please contact Ms. Weber directly regarding pricing, availability and contract terms and conditions.

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